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GYPSY FARM accidentally became a collective of the talented, the strange and the good hearted. It is a creative outlet for both public and private. A collection of thoughts, sounds and IDEAS.

GYPSY FARM was subconsciously founded as an entity on a foggy morning in the year 2000 with a 4 track cassette recorder. Naturally, this evolved into an obsession with recording that consumed the better part of a cosmic consciousness.

In 2008, we grew into LABEL form in order to provide the studio recordings with proper release.

2009 saw GYPSY FARM’s first physical release, GF001 – the GYPSY FARM COMP, a compilation CD. Among the bands were SATAN’S YOUTH MINISTERS, TURBO FRUITS and THEE CRUCIALS. The super limited run (35) release was placed in the World Famous WUXTRY RECORDS in Athens, GA.

In 2010, GYPSY FARM released The HUMMS’ debut album, “LEMONLAND” as their second release, GF002. It was through this project that GF formed alliances with record labels in London, Austria, Greece and Canada to co-release the band’s record simultaneously on 12″ Vinyl, CD, Download and Cassette formats.

GF’s next adventure came later that year when, thanks to ARNOLD RECORDS in Washington DC, We co-released a GLOW IN THE DARK 7″ record by The HUMMS which contained three singles from their debut, “LEMONLAND”.

2011 was a very quiet year for the FARM. We cut the motors for a bit and let things coast. The hill changed and life happened. Aside from filling orders, much of the year was spent SPIRITUALLY focusing on goals and ideas.

The start of 2012 rather kicked things in gear as GYPSY FARM booked and sponsored a 3-day HOUSE PARTY in Athens GA.  Each night featured an ever changing number of bands at a different house in town and everyone had a swinging time, INDEED.  We also paid the noise violation ticket.

That same month, we introduced our BOOT series – exclusive only to the merch table with GFBOOT1, a CD of the SHOAL CREEK STRANGLERS performing 1800′s murder ballads and traditional numbers.

Our third official release will come SUMMER 2012. It is entitled GF003 – GYPNOSIS, an 11-track compilation. It is essentially, a sequel to our first release although this compilation of tunes ranging from 2008-2012 will be on both CD and 12″ vinyl and we’re pressing a lot more than 35!