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THE HUMMS / Lemonland CD

Image of THE HUMMS / Lemonland CD


“The Athens [GA] band's debut album, Lemonland, plays like a hidden disc in one of the Nuggets box sets” - STOMP AND STAMMER Magazine

18 song debut of The Humms. Self recorded and produced by Zeke Sayer between 2008-2010. For Fans of 60s Garage, Punk, Experimental and Psychedelic.

Release #GF002

Packaged and assembled by hand at Gypsy Farm.

1. Blood Sucking Vampire
2. Jesus Lied
3. Uncle Sam Took My Baby Away
4. Buttermilk
5. Don’t Think About Death
6. Close Your Ears
7. Sleepy, Sleepy
8. Fat Bat
9.Stranger In Your Car
10. Brown Haired Devil
11. Strawberry Glue
12. Oh My Lawd
13. Talking To A Ghost
14. Leave That Boy Alone
15. Gun
16. Little Freaky Girl Like You
17. Escape From Lemonland
18. When I Wake

LEMONLAND by The Humms